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I am currently a full-time student at TriCounty Technical College majoring in Computer Science with emphasis on computer programming. My anticipated graduation date is Fall 2018 with an Associates in Applied Sciences in Computer Technology.

I am currently seeking gainful employment while attending college. My career goal is focused on achieving my an Associates in Applied Sciences in Computer Technology degree and obtaining employment in computer programming.

I am currently a registered Land Surveyor in the state of Georgia. I earned my Associates in Applied Sciences degree, Civil Engineering in 1996. I obtained a one-year certificate in Land Surveying in 2001. This Associates in Applied Sciences degree and subsequent certification in Land Surveying qualified me to take required state exams to become a licensed Land Surveyor. I have 25 plus years in these career fields.

My interests in Land Surveying & Civil Engineering introduced me to personal computers in the mid-eighties. I initially started my career manually drafted (pen & paper on vellum & mylar) in the Architectural, Land Surveying and Civil Engineering fields.

I began mastering AutoCAD when the program could be launched from a 5.25” floppy drive and a large hard drive was 30 megabytes! Since that time, I have installed, utilized, customized, and trained personnel in AutoCAD and AutoCAD third party applications.

Prior to networking, I served in information technology roles servicing stand-alone personal computers. I installed, built, and repaired personal computers for many of my employers. I also installed software and trained personnel as required.

I have also pursued computer programming since the first versions of BASIC included with MSDOS running on early IBM personal computers. I have developed Civil Engineering and Land Surveying software using BASIC, Autolisp, QuickBasic, and Turbo Pascal. I began programming hand held computers starting with the HP-41 and the Radio Shack PC-6. My most recent efforts are with programming the HP-48 and HP-33. It is this passion for computer programming that has led me to begin a new career in computer programming. I am also currently self-taught in programming with Visual Basic.

From the early days of MSDOS to the current Window operating system used today, I have accumulated a great amount of expertise in utilizing all manners of word processing, spread sheet, and database applications.